The campaign is in full swing

In the past week, after his office opening,  Karim has been running a hectic schedule, including (among many other things), a roundtable meeting with the Hon. Jason Kenney and leaders from the Ismaili community, canvassing with the Hon. Kelly Leitch who came out to help in our riding.

The quickest way to  see what’s he has been busy doing is to follow his Twitter feed.   You don’t need a Twitter account, just click here

Karim and his team of young conservatives are canvassing and meeting the constituents everyday.  Saturday, September 19th they went on a cavassing blitz.  Won’t you help?

Karim’s office can be reached at 416-925-1500

prince hotel 7
At the Ismaili community leader roundtable with the Hon. Jason Kenney

prince hotel 6


Kellie leitch 2
The Hon. Kelly Leitch came out to support Karim’s campaign. Thank you Minister Leitch!

Kellie Leitch


Karim’s team of young conservatives on a canvassing blitz September 19th