Thank you!

The University-Rosedale Conservative EDA would like to thank our voters in the riding for their work and support these past few months – not just showing up on election day, but taking lawn signs, helping with canvassing, donating to support the campaign, and just generally spreading the word.   The election may be over, and the outcome not what we had hoped for, but the battle to give Canadians the best possible future through Conservative thinking and action will never end.

Our candidate Karim Jivraj was heroic in his canvassing and outreach to the community.  He was out there every day, often going into benighted places where Conservatives don’t always receive a positive reception, delivering the message that we believe in.  He was up against an extremely high profile opponent that had literally 10 times the money and more than 10 times the staffing, but leveled the playing field through sheer guts and determination, shining in the local debates. We heard so many positive things about him.  He has an incredible future in Canadian politics if we are lucky enough to have him continue his political endeavours.   Some time in the not-so-distant future his name will be heard again, a part of great things, and we will be able to proudly say that his political life began with us.

We also want to thank Karim’s campaign team, the youngest group of Conservative campaign workers in Canada, who helped him unselfishly these past 6 months.  With young Conservatives like you, the future for conservatism in Canada looks bright.

So now what?  Well, now is the time to build the infrastructure for the next election.  Now we organize our database of supporters, try to increase our membership in the riding, and participate in the coming process of selecting a new leader and determining future policies.  2019 can’t come soon enough, and we have to be ready with policies that stir Canadians’ hearts and minds and restore the CPC to power. We need every supporter locally, and your voice can also influence friends, family, and Canadians far outside this riding.    In the coming months and years we will need your support, your time and your donations, to continue the fight. Please participate in the process, and feel free to contact us to ask how you can help.   We need everyone on board.

Thank you!!