Our Annual General Meeting 2016

Monday, April 4, 2016.   This evening conservatives in University Rosedale gathered to select a new Board of Directors and  Executive leadership for the Riding Association.    Our thanks to all who attended.

Our thanks to Ghina Al-Sewaidi, the outgoing EDA President who is now running for CPC National Council.  She’s been an amazing leader and a great ambassador for University-Rosedale in innumerable meetings and activities in which she has participated across Ontario and Canada.

Congratulations to our new EDA president, Keith Tuomi, and Vice President, Karim Jivraj.   Both gave rousing speeches to the gathered crowd.

Karim, who ran a great campaign against all odds in the last election, thanked all those who gave their time and support in that effort, and spoke of what he learned on the campaign trail, and how we can build on this in 2019.

Keith gave a stirring defense of Canadian Conservative principles  and discussed our plans in the coming year or two as we head towards the Policy Convention in May of this year, and then build to the Leadership convention in 2017.  The Conservative Party of Canada is alive and active in University-Rosedale, and there will be some exciting events with some very well known Canadian conservative politicians, one of whom may be our next leader and Prime Minister.

We elected a slate of 18 Directors, several of them new to the Board. We look forward to the energy and new ideas  that they will bring to the table in the coming year.  Our focus this year will be on supporting and collaborating with young conservatives to help bring the Conservative message far and loud everywhere.  If you are a young Conservative and want to participate in political activities in the riding and beyond, please contact us!