The Hon. Maxime Bernier MP at University-Rosedale

The Hon. Maxime Bernier is the current MP for Beauce, Quebec, and has held various cabinet positions including Minister of Industry,  Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Minister State for Small Business and Tourism. He is now the CPC opposition critic for Innovation, Science, and Economic Development.

Mr.  Bernier is now  a declared candidate for leadership of the CPC, and  was at the home of our riding association president, Keith Tuomi,  to support the University-Rosedale  EDA at its spring fundraiser.   Our  thanks to Keith, and his wife Jane for offering their home for this event.

Thanks also to all the local conservatives who turned out for this fun gathering.  After excellent introductions by Keith Tuomi and then Karim Jivraj, our Candidate of Record, Mr. Bernier spoke passionately about being faithful to our conservative principles, and his vision of the direction the CPC should take in the post-Stephen Harper era.   He emphasized a small non-interfering government that puts people in control of their income and encourages entrepreneurial activity and productivity in the private sector; respect for all of our citizens in this nation of immigrants; and not burdening our children and grandchildren with spending that produces no long term benefits, and is just a cynical vote-buying ploy by the Liberals.

Bob Dechert, former MP for Mississauga-Erindale, and a tremendously respected and admired member of the Harper government was also in attendance.

After the speeches we all got a chance to speak with Mr.  Bernier, Mr. Dechert and others in the room about the various issues that are important to us.  It was really a tremendous opportunity to be part of the CPC’s rebuilding after the last election and the change of leadership that follows.


The Hon. Maxime Bernier, MP, with former MP Bob Dechert, and EDA president Keith Tuomi
The Hon. Maxime Bernier, MP, speaking to the group
Keith Tuomi (seen here  introducing the Hon. Maxime Bernier) and his wife Jane graciously offered their home for putting on this event.
Karim JIvraj, our Candidate of Record gave a barnburner speech, part of it in flawless French, and introduced Mr. Bernier


Some of our enthusiastic attendees (promise made, promise kept!)