November 23 – Kellie Leitch visits University-Rosedale

Tonight we had the pleasure of meeting and listening to CPC  leadership candidate Kellie Leitch  at the home of our past EDA president Ghina Al Sewaidi.  It was a chance for our membership to listen to Dr. Leitch expand on  her vision for leading Canada, and for taking on the Liberals in 2019.  Dr. Leitch emphasized the importance of listening to the opinions of the membership, and indeed all Canadians, rather than forcing policy from the top down. She focused on the shallow policy decisions being made by the current government, from the recent ridiculous decision to buy a small number of Super Hornet jet fighters and punt the real decision past the next election, to the open fountain of debt -fueled spending that has been unleashed, to the naive manner in which Prime Minister Trudeau has been dealing with President-Elect Trump.  Her Canadian Values message was reiterated and defended, and the hypocrisy the media in their approach to this issue was seen .

The audience got to ask lots of questions, and she answered them forthrightly.  It was a very worthwhile evening. Thank you Dr. Leitch for taking the time to come here, and good luck with the leadership campaign.   Stay tuned and find out which CPC leadership candidate will visit University-Rosedale next.


Dr. Leitch spoke strongly for Canadian values.
We had a long Q&A session with Kellie Leitch.


Our gracious host, Ghina, with two admirers.