An evening with Chris Alexander

Another weekday evening in University-Rosedale, another fantastic gathering where local CPC members can meet a contender for the party leadership, listen to their message, talk to them one-on-one and ask tough questions.

Our kind hostess Becky Jones, with former Minister, the Honourable Christopher Alexander.

Tonight, at the home of Board member Becky Jones,  we had the pleasure of Chris Alexander’s company.  Perhaps the only leadership candidate who has met and dealt with Vladimir Putin on several occasions during his many years in the foreign service and as a cabinet Minister in the Harper government,  Mr. Alexander had a number of entertaining and enlightening anecdotes to share with the audience.  His previous foreign affairs experience showed as Mr. Alexander spoke of his plans to deal with the global challenges faced by Canada and the Western world, including the need to engage with China and Russia, but doing so firmly and without being blind to the many flaws in these nations.  He felt that the Harper government dealt in a balanced manner with the immigration file, improving many aspects of the immigration process, taking in more immigrants to Canada than ever before, while at the same time ensuring that they would contribute and make Canada a better place. This was a policy he wishes to continue and build upon, focusing on his primary goal, which is job growth and economic growth into the future.


Mr.   Alexander pointed out that Canada has the world’s most educated population, and we are well placed to cope with, and  take advantage of, the inevitable changes in jobs and the economy that are coming are way at an every increasing pace.  Expanding our export market beyond its overwhelming dependence on the US was a priority.

Mr. Alexander spent over an hour speaking to his policies and answering a wide variety of questions from the audience.



These were but a few of the topics that Mr. Alexander touched on during an hour long (!) session where he took many questions from the audience, on topics ranging from urban transportation in Toronto to arctic sovereignty and dealing with ISIS.

Throughout the event, everyone in the large group that attended tonight had a chance to ask questions.

Those who attended tonight got a real treat.  Mr. Alexander has really been around, and we all got to enjoy hearing his ideas and his experiences.

The leadership vote is coming in just 4 months. Make sure your membership is active, and keep up with what the candidates are saying and going.  Once of these individuals could be Canada’s next Prime Minister!