August 23, 2017 – Policy and Constitution Meeting

When and Where?

Wednesday August 23, 6:30 to 8 PM
Miles Nadal JCC, Large Conference Room (Rm 318)
750 Spadina Ave, Toronto, ON M5S 2J2


On August 23 -25 , 2018 the Conservative Party of Canada will be holding a National Policy Convention in  Halifax, Nova Scotia.  At this meeting, delegates will be amending the CPC Constitution and adopting and amending our Policy Declaration.  This is how the party changes and improves with time.  This is how the party creates its platform for the next election, and  plan of action once we are in power.

The process starts locally.  Unlike the Liberals, the CPC is truly a grassroots party, and  this is your opportunity to participate.   You can propose policy and constitution changes that may end up changing our governing documents.  Policies proposed here in the University-Rosedale EDA have be debated and voted upon in previous conventions,  and became part of the current CPC Policy document.


You must be a CPC member.  Read our Constitution and Policy Declaration. You can create an entirely NEW policy, DELETE a policy, or AMEND a policy.Come to the August 23 meeting armed with thoughtful ideas and an open mind, meet other conservatives in the riding,  propose your ideas in writing,  argue for them, and see if the group votes to pass them on to the next level of policy and constitutional work at the regional level.

This form was used for policy submission in the past.  It will help you understand how to make suggestions.

If you have a policy to propose you can email it, and the rationale, to us in advance, and we will add it to the Powerpoint presentation that will be used during this meeting.

Light refreshments will be served.   Please RSVP if possible.  To RSVP, or with any questions, e-mail us at