An evening with the Hon. Maxime Bernier, MP

On a perfect  September 14th Thursday afternoon,  in the backyard of EDA Vice- President  and former President Ghina al-Sewaidi, with organizational help from Rebecca Jones, University-Rosedale conservatives were honoured to have Maxime Bernier, CPC MP for Beauce and opposition critic for Innovation, Science and Economic Development,  for a barbeque and EDA fundraising event.  Mr. Bernier is well known to our group, having visited here last year in the course of his oh-so-close-to-winning leadership race.

After a brief introduction by EDA President Keith Tuomi, Mr. Bernier engaged the crowd on a variety of topics including the draconian and destructive tax measures the Trudeau government is planning to impose on small businesses, lost opportunities in resource and pipeline sector due to Liberal lack of support for those activities, and the Khadr fiasco. The importance not only criticizing, but coming up with innovative and constructive suggestions for future policies going into the 2019 election came up time and again, not only from Mr. Bernier, but from the engaged crowd.  With the election of Mr. Scheer as our new leader, things are now getting organized so that the CPC can mount an effective opposition, showing Canadians the errors of the Liberals’ way, and providing a confidence-inspiring alternative for 2019.

After more than 30 minutes of talking with the attendees, Mr. Bernier  and all headed for a delicious BBQ and more chatting and planning and exchanging of ideas.

If you weren’t there you missed a great evening, so plan to attend next time.  Thanks again to Becky and Ghina for organizing this.  And if you  are a University-Rosedale conservative and think that the Liberals are doing lasting harm to Canada with their taxation and economic policies, you should know  that the best way to fight back is to join us on the Board of Directors and participate in our activities to get the message out and convince Canadians here and beyond about what needs to happen in 2019.  Oh… we’ll take a donation too 🙂

Mr. Bernier chatted with the attendees as things got rolling
EDA President Keith Tuomi introduces Mr. Bernier

Mr. Bernier spoke at length on various issues, and took all questions from the audience.

Keith and Maxime

Thanks again to Ghina and Becky for organizing this event, and to our excellent cook for the delicious BBQ.