West Toronto Policy Meeting February 24, 2018

Several University-Rosedale board members actively participated at the February 24 West Toronto Policy Meeting sponsored by CPC Etobicoke Centre EDA and CPC Etobicoke-Lakeshore EDA. Over 80 members from numerous Toronto EDA’s met at 8:30 a.m. and discussed policy amendments until noon at the Canadiana Restaurant near Kipling subway station.

The meeting opened with brief remarks by PC Ontario Leadership Candidate Doug Ford and former federal CPC Toronto area MPs, Ted Opitz and Bernard Trottier, both of whom actively participated in the discussions.

Eight break-out sessions of approx. ten people each discussed policy topics as diverse as the Economy & Infrastructure, Defence & Security, Immigration & Social Policy, Transportation & Communication to mention a few. Later, close to 30  policies were were put to a full plenary session vote.

Thank you to the organizers from Etobicoke Centre and Etobicoke-Lakershore who did such an amazing job putting together this meeting.   Many of the policies discussed today will find their way to Ideas-Lab, which can be viewed online by anyone.  In May-June 2018,  ridings from across Canada, represented by their Riding President or Policy Chair, will have a chance to vote for 10 policies, and the most selected policies from across Canada will be discussed and considered for formal adoption as CPC policy at the 2018 Policy Convention in Halifax.


University-Rosedale John Fitzmaurice (left) and fellow CPC policy enthusiasts at today’s meeting