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Andrew Scheer, CPC leadership contender, visits University-Rosedale

As the CPC leadership race heads towards an exciting conclusion in May, we had the pleasure of hosting Andrew Scheer MP (Regina — Qu’Appelle) at an EDA Fundraiser at O’Grady’s on College St. for a meet-and-greet.

Despite his youth, Mr. Scheer is a 5 times elected MP, served as Speaker of the House for the Harper majority years,  and has more endorsements from sitting CPC MPs than any other candidate. His central themes were keeping the party unified, and sending out a positive message telling how conservative policies empower people to improve their lives.    As usual we had the speaker take questions from the audience, some of them tough and controversial,  and he responded in a straightforward manner.

We thank Mr. Scheer for taking the time and effort to come with with the locals at University-Rosedale.


Mr. Scheer, with Keith Tuomi, University-Rosedale EDA president

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Friday, March 10,  5 – 7 PM




Michael Chong visits University-Rosedale

Tonight the University-Rosedale EDA had the pleasure of hosting Michael Chong, MP for Wellington – Halton Hills, and candidate for leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada, at the home of Board member Doc von Lichtenberg and his partner Keith.  We also had the pleasure of meeting Michael’s wife, Carrie Davidson, at tonight’s event. Our thanks to Doc and Keith for opening their home for this event, and for the effort that they put into making the evening a success, both as a fundraiser for the University-Rosedale EDA, and as an opportunity for conservatives to get together, exchange ideas, and listen to a knowledgeable visitor from Ottawa.

MP and former Cabinet Minister Michael Chong, now running for the CPC leadership, advocated enthusiastically for  a conservative vision that focused on strategies for economic stability and future success in a changing and challenging world, and a fiscally rational strategy for environmental management. He has been, and from his words tonight, clearly will continue to be, a champion for democratic reform which will put more power in the hands of elected House of Commons members and reducing the power of the Prime Minister’s Office. A practical plan for Senate reform was mentioned, and his inside knowledge of how Ottawa works makes his words worth taking seriously.  Mr. Chong ably and directly answered a number of questions from those in attendance, and there was a great back-and-forth.



We had about 40 guests, and as usual, young conservatives were well represented (we don’t think they just came for the free food).


Before and after the speeches, including an introduction from our Board president Keith Tuomi, and a lesson in history and political philosophy from the legendary Karim Jivraj, we all had a chance for some face time with Mr. Chong, to get an idea about where he stands on the issues that concern us most.   This is one of the best reasons to come to these events.  This man may one day be Prime Minister of Canada.

Stay tuned for future events with the CPC leadership candidates.    Kellie Leitch will be here on November 23, and we had Maxime Bernier visit in May.  Remember, these events are fundraisers for the EDA, not for the individual candidate, so you can support your local conservatives while at the same time gathering the information you need to help make your important decision in May of next year.  It’s surely better to make that decision based on meeting these individuals in person than based on the distorted information you get from our media.  See you at the next local event, and make sure you are a CPC party member in the next year so you can vote for our next leader!



Michael Chong, MP and CPC leadership candidate, is coming to University-Rosedale


RSVP by email (preferred):
By phone: (416) 922-2415

Donation by PayPal through this web site, or print this form, fill out bottom section, and mail to: University-Rosedale
Conservative EDA, 27 Astley Avenue, Toronto, ON M4W 3B3.  Tax refunds are very generous for political donations.

To learn more about Michael Chong, see here

The University-Rosedale Conservative EDA will receive all proceeds from this event.

Our Annual General Meeting 2016

Monday, April 4, 2016.   This evening conservatives in University Rosedale gathered to select a new Board of Directors and  Executive leadership for the Riding Association.    Our thanks to all who attended.

Our thanks to Ghina Al-Sewaidi, the outgoing EDA President who is now running for CPC National Council.  She’s been an amazing leader and a great ambassador for University-Rosedale in innumerable meetings and activities in which she has participated across Ontario and Canada.

Congratulations to our new EDA president, Keith Tuomi, and Vice President, Karim Jivraj.   Both gave rousing speeches to the gathered crowd.

Karim, who ran a great campaign against all odds in the last election, thanked all those who gave their time and support in that effort, and spoke of what he learned on the campaign trail, and how we can build on this in 2019.

Keith gave a stirring defense of Canadian Conservative principles  and discussed our plans in the coming year or two as we head towards the Policy Convention in May of this year, and then build to the Leadership convention in 2017.  The Conservative Party of Canada is alive and active in University-Rosedale, and there will be some exciting events with some very well known Canadian conservative politicians, one of whom may be our next leader and Prime Minister.

We elected a slate of 18 Directors, several of them new to the Board. We look forward to the energy and new ideas  that they will bring to the table in the coming year.  Our focus this year will be on supporting and collaborating with young conservatives to help bring the Conservative message far and loud everywhere.  If you are a young Conservative and want to participate in political activities in the riding and beyond, please contact us!




Annual General Meeting – April 4, 2016

Notice of Annual General Meeting

Monday, April 4th, 2016, 7:00 pm

Deer Park Public Library
40 St. Clair Avenue East, Toronto,   M4T 1M9
2nd floor meeting room

We invite all current Conservative Party of Canada Members in the University-Rosedale riding to join us for our Annual General Meeting. Get an update on the riding association, learn what’s going on in the riding, and vote for a new Board of Directors for the EDA.

Voting at the AGM
To vote at the AGM, you must be a current member 21 days before April 4th, 2016.
If you are not a current member before March 14th, you can still renew your membership and attend the meeting as a non-voting participant.

Please note that we cannot renew your membership at this meeting.  You can renew your membership on-line at

To RSVP or to request more information, e-mail us at or go to our website,


7:00 p.m. Registration opens
7:15 p.m. Registration closes
7:15 p.m. Call to Order
Minutes of 2015 Annual General Meeting
Reports: Candidate of Record- Karim Jivraj
Financial Report
President’s Report
Review of the upcoming 2016 National Convention and the recent policy process at the local and regional level
Election of Directors
                                                        Refreshments will be served


Regional Policy Meeting a rousing success

February 13, 2016:     Over fifty  thoughtful  Conservative Party of Canada members packed the meeting room at 519 Church street for a regional policy meeting chaired and organized by David Gentili and Julian DiBattista,   with the efforts of May Chow and the Toronto Centre riding association,  supported by University-Rosedale Conservative EDA.   We were there for 5 hours, talking about future policy directions for the party, looking at amendments to the party Constitution and Policy Manual that might be discussed further at our May national meeting in Vancouver.

At the end of the day 36 Policy suggestions and 4 Constitution suggestions were discussed and voted upon,  with a very broad cross-section of perspective seen in many areas, especially social policy issues, leading to some stimulating and very informative discussion.

Thanks to everyone who made the effort and came out locally, and even from out of town, on this extremely cold Canadian winter day.

Thanks also to MPs and past MPs Kelly Leitch, Peter Kent, and Ted Opitz who came out, spoke to the crowd and even contributed policy suggestions.

Kelly Leitch, MP, addresses the meeting attendees
Intense discussion around the International Affairs table


Ghina Al-Sewaidi, University-Rosedale EDA president, addresses the attendees.

February 1st – Policy and Constitution Meeting

When and Where?

Monday, February 1st, 2016, 6-8 PM
Deer Park Public Library
2nd floor meeting room, 40 St.Clair Avenue East
Toronto  M4T 1M9


On May 26-28, 2016 the Conservative Party of Canada will be holding a National Policy Convention in Vancouver, BC.  At this meeting, delegates will be amending the CPC Constitution and adopting and amending our Policy Declaration.  This is how the party changes and improves with time.

The process starts locally.The CPC is truly a grassroots party, and  this is your opportunity to participate.   You can propose policy and constitution changes that may end up changing our governing documents


You must be a CPC member.  Read our Constitution and Policy Declaration. Come to the February 1st meeting armed with thoughtful ideas and an open mind, meet other conservatives in the riding,  propose your ideas in writing, argue for them, and see if the group votes to pass them on to the next level of policy and constitutional work at the regional level.

Refreshments will be served.   Please RSVP if possible.  To RSVP, or with any questions, e-mail us at or go to our website at




January 27th – Delegate Selection Meeting

When and Where?

Wednesday, January 27, 2016, 7 – 9 PM
Deer Park Public Library
2nd floor meeting room, 40 St.Clair Avenue East
Toronto M4T 1M9


On May 26-28, 2016 the Conservative Party of Canada will be holding a National Policy Convention in Vancouver, BC.  At this meeting, delegates will be:

  • amending the Constitution
  • adopting and amending party policy
  • selecting National Council members

In preparation for the May 2016 National Policy Convention, the University Rosedale Conservative EDA must select delegates to send to Vancouver.  If you wish to be eligible to vote for a delegate candidate, and/or wish to be a delegate candidate yourself, you must be a paid-up member of the CPC as of 21 days prior to the vote, i.e. January 6th.

If selected to represent University Rosedale, Delegates will be expected to travel to Vancouver and attend the meeting at their own expense (the cost of registration remains to be determined but was about $800 for the 2013 convention, less for youth delegates, with most of this cost eligible for a tax receipt).    Up to 10 delegates, and alternates, will be selected on January 27th.  They will include a youth candidate (under age 23 with the highest number of votes) as one of the 10 delegates.


If you wish to stand as a Delegate nominee, you must complete this Delegate Nomination form, and submit it to the Delegate Selection Meeting chair prior to the start of the meeting.  For the purposes of accrediting members at the Delegate Selection Meeting, members will be required to provide two (2) pieces of official identification, at least one of which must contain a photo of the member and one must indicate residence.

Refreshments will be served. To help ensure we have sufficient refreshments, please RSVP by January 25th. You do not have to RSVP to attend.


To RSVP, or with any questions, e-mail us at or go to our website at




Merry Christmas from the Conservative Party of Canada

Best holiday wishes from all of us at the University Rosedale Conservative Riding Association:

Ghina (our president), Karim (our candidate of record) Keith, John, Philip, Nancy and John, Gyl, Laura, Marilynn,  Geoff, Peter,  Laura,  Sam G, Sam V, and Yves.



See you in 2016!

Stay tuned, lots of exciting things will be going on starting  in January!