Payments to the Riding Association

Use the information on this page to donate to the Riding Association, or to pay for one of our fundraising events.  Payment for a fundraising event counts as a donation for tax purposes.

Donations are used to fund our local campaign during elections and for outreach events in between.  Remember:

  • The annual limit is now $1600, but you can donate both $1600 to the national party, and $1600 to the EDA independently, to a maximum of $3200 annually
  • Tax refunds are very generous. You will get back:
    • 75% of your contribution up to $400, and
    • 50% of the next $350,  and
    • 33-1/3% of the next $525


Contribution Tax Credit Net Cost
$ 50.00 $ 37.50 $ 12.50
$ 100.00 $ 75.00 $ 25.00
$ 250.00 $ 187.50 $ 62.50
$ 400.00 $ 300.00 $ 100.00
$ 750.00 $ 475.00 $ 275.00
$ 1,200.00 $ 625.00 $ 575.00
$ 1,600.00 $ 650.00 $ 925.00

Written receipts will be provided.

See here for the Elections Canada information

There are three ways to make donations: The quickest way to make a donation is online.  You can use PayPal, or Interac Money Transfer

  1. for PayPal      Click here>>  makeadonationbutton

If you pay with PayPal, please send money through the “Send Money to Family or Friends” option, so that 3% of your donation does not go to PayPal.

2. For Interac Money Transfer (available from any Canadian bank), send the donation to  Please email us at the same address to inform  us that a payment has been made and to tell us the password for the money transfer

3.  Alternatively, you can mail a cheque to payable to the University-Rosedale Conservative EDA.   Just print and fill out this form and mail a cheque and the form to:

University Rosedale Conservative EDA

Box 240 – 110 Cumberland St.

Toronto, ON  M5R 3V5


For more information  contact:

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