How do we spend your donations?

Your donations to our EDA pay for:

  • printing and mailing notices, print canvassing materials
  • our newsletters
  • room rentals for meetings (monthly board meetings, nomination meetings, policy conventions etc).
  • participation in community events  and outreach efforts
  • costs of using online communication and outreach  tools such as a web site and campaign emailing
  • registering individuals from the University of Toronto Campus Conservatives for the annual Manning Centre event in Ottawa
  • volunteer appreciation events, costs of canvassing campaigns, etc.

When a campaign is called, money from the EDA is used to support the candidate’s campaign, and is often the main source of funding for the election campaign.

Your donations do NOT pay for:

  • anyone’s salary.  The dedicated people of the EDA work and give freely of their own time, dozens and hundreds of hours each.  (Note that when a campaign is under way, some of the money collected by the EDA and turned over to the candidate for their campaign may be used to pay for a manager,  consultants, etc)
  • junkets, trips, mileage, or other “travel expenses”
  • fancy dinners, transportation, or entertainment of any kind


What’s an hour of your time worth?  Our EDA members are putting in hundreds of their own hours, unpaid,  to fight for the Conservative cause.  We’d welcome  your assistance in person, and we NEED your financial support to continue to present a Conservative option to the voters of this riding.




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