Mr. Chris Alexander


Chris was born in Toronto in 1968, grew up here, then studied at McGill, Laval and Oxford universities. He served as a Canadian diplomat for eighteen years with postings to Russia and Afghanistan before being elected to Parliament in 2011 as MP for the riding of Ajax-Pickering.  He was Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of National Defence (2011-13) and Minister of Citizenship and Immigration (2013-15).  He is bilingual, loves hockey, skiing, canoeing and Canadian history. Chris and his wife Hedvig have two daughters.
Policy Positions:
Chris’ campaign is focusing on jobs.  Canada’s tax policy, trade agenda, business environment, re-tooled government, research, development and innovation, skills and education need to focus on one goal: creating and keeping the jobs of the future in Canada.  This is not easy.  Thanks to McGuinty, Wynne and now Trudeau, we are quickly losing our competitive edge.  We need to show that Conservatives have a plan to make Canada a leader in entrepreneurship, in technology, in financial services, in the digital economy, in sustainable natural resources, and in increasing our export market share in Asia, Europe, Latin America and Africa — as well as North America and the Caribbean.  As Conservatives, we need to be bold once again in addressing environmental and indigenous issues and in putting forward a vision for the future of our cities and our youth.  I do not support a national carbon tax, but I do support a broader agenda to reduce emissions sharply by innovation; to protect wilderness, coastlines and marine areas; and to make Canada a global leader on promotion of forests, clean oceans, biodiversity, clean energy and clean water.  An Alexander-led Conservative government will also invest in our military, strengthen our global trade and diplomatic network, and engage with all of Canada’s partners as a reliable ally, champion of open markets, and catalyst for action to end conflicts and reduce poverty.