Mr. Michael Chong



Why I’m Running

I’m running to be Conservative leader because it’s time for a new generation of Conservative leadership.

I’m a fiscal conservative, who believes in lower taxes and balanced budgets. ‎I believe Conservatives need to do better on environmental policy; to conserve Canada’s environment for future generations is at the root of being a Conservative. And I believe in restoring grassroots democracy – by empowering party members and elected MPs and curbing the power of the PMO.

But most of all, I represent a new generation of Conservative leadership. My wife Carrie and I have three boys – we understand the challenges facing Canadian families.

My family’s story of immigration and hard work ‎resonates with Canadians across the country‎ – with those who have been here for generations and those recently‎ arrived.

I believe we can do better than the path Justin Trudeau wants to take us down. And with your support, we will do better and we will win in 2019.‎

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Together we’ll make Michael Chong the next Conservative Leader! Michael has the experience and passion to lead the Conservative Party of Canada. Find out more about why he’s the best choice and how you can join the campaign and donate to the cause.