Ms. Kellie Leitch



I’ve been a Conservative activist since I was 14. I continue to work hard to visit ridings across the country and hear firsthand from EDA’s like yours. Our members are the core foundation of our Party. People often ask me what I stand for. The answer is simple: hard work and helping others.

These are the values by which I’ve lived my life and I know many Canadians share and believe in these same values. Government needs to set the conditions for people to work hard so that when they succeed they will better their families, their communities and our country. I want a government that increases the prosperity of Canadians. We do this through hard work and helping others so that we all enjoy the benefits of freedom. We must be a credible alternative to replacing the Liberals in 2019. To do so, we can’t just talk about budgets and deficits. We have to explain, especially to young Canadians, why a strong, vibrant economy is important to their future.

I have a lot of work to do as I travel the country and speak with our members. I will work hard to earn your support and lead our Party to victory in 2019.”