Ms. Lisa Raitt

Lisa Raitt


Why I’m Running

I was raised by my grandparents, the youngest of seven kids. When I look back on growing up, I never thought of our family as poor. I know now, that we really struggled. We were taught the world owed us nothing. With a lot of hard work, I earned my Master’s Degree in chemistry and eventually became a lawyer. Six years later, after serving as Canada’s first female Harbormaster, I became President and CEO of the Toronto Port Authority. My story is not unique in Canada, but Canada is unique in how we make these stories happen. Hard Work – Living within your means – Being compassionate to others – but also being accountable. They tell us it’s the era of “sunny ways” yet so many can’t see the sun. Too many communities are broken. Thousands are looking for work, with not a job in sight. Too many are living paycheque to paycheque. Too many are drowning in debt.

The rules used to be simple. Work hard, get a good education, and the world was yours. But these rules don’t apply anymore. Canada needs a leader who will fight for the striving many, not just the privileged few. We need a leader who can beat Trudeau in the next election, who knows what Canada looks like, from the bottom, who will work to create opportunity for every striver, at every age. I will be that leader.